Ways you Can Manage your Facebook Friends

07 Aug

 How you can manage your Facebook friends are presented in this article.

Start by Creating a Friends List  Making a friend list will allow you to control the number of friends who access your profile information.  You can add or remove the friends of your choice from the list you have created.  You can exclude certain people from accessing information from your timeline if you make a list.

You can manage Facebook friends if you know how to unfriend people.  The number of Facebook friends you have can get out of hand fast.  If you want to manage your Facebook friends, you can start by figuring out the ones you are still connected with and dropping the ones you are not in touch with.  It is safe to manage your Facebook friends using the unfriend option as they will not be notified once you unfriend them.  Make sure you are sure on persons you are unfriending to avoid the awkwardness of sending a friend request to someone you had already unfriended.

 You can manage your Facebook friends by learning how to block some friends.  If you find it difficult to unfriend someone due to various reasons, you can block them.  You can prevent stalkers from disturbing you if you block them as this will prevent them from sending you any message.  You can block someone by visiting their Facebook profile and clicking the gear-shaped button where you will be provided with the block option.  Blocking friends applies mostly if they send multiple friend requests or if they are harassing you online.

 Another way that you can manage your Facebook friends is by fining old friends. If you want to reconnect with high school friends, you can manually search for them by typing their names on the search bar.  Make sure to fill your bio with the info you share with your old friends if you don’t remember their names.  Based on the information on your timeline, Facebook will generate your friend options, and you will have the chance to reconnect with some old friends.

 You can manage your Facebook friends by selecting what shows up on your news-feed. Your news-feed may be filled with content that you don't care about. You can manage your news feed by selecting your preferences so that you only get the information you want.  Unfollowing the pages that do not interest you is also another great way of managing your news feed.

 Privacy is a vital element that will help you manage your Facebook friends. You can use the privacy settings to choose the people who can see your timeline.  Get help on managing your facebook friends here.

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